Dimensional Shipping Configuration

How do I want to use this extension?

Before configuring the extension, it is important that you think about what results you want to achieve. Consider how you group your products when you ship them and how this can be translated into shipping rules for the extension.

Answering the following questions should help:

  • Which of my products ship dimensionally?
  • Which of my products ship based only on weight?
  • Which of my products ship in multiple packages?
  • Which of my products ship separately?
  • How do I want different combinations of my products to be packed together?
  • What quantity of a product fits into each box?
  • At what point does a product need a larger box?

You should now be ready to setup & configure Dimensional Shipping.


FedEx and UPS require you to have a web service account to retrieve shipping rates based on dimensional values in your store.


In May 2012 FedEx is switching off its CGI-based rate calculator, so you will need to switch to a web service account whether you are using our extension or not. You also need to have SOAP installed on your server. We cover how to switch across to retrieving Fedex Rates via their web service on our blog.


For UPS you need the XML-based shipping rates, which requires an access key, username and password. Read our blog to find out how to get set up with XML-based rates. If you do not do this then you will not get back Dimensional rates.

Configuring Extension

There are several parts to the configuration of the Dimensional Shipping extension:
Step Description
1 Install the Extension
2 Enabling the extension and setting store/system wide settings
3 Decide your packing algorithm
3 Creating Shipping Boxes
4 Product Configuration
5 Shipping Carrier Configuration
6 USPS Flat Rate Box Configuration
7 Casepack Configuration
8 Once complete its very important you test your site thoroughly to ensure the configuration setting you have set meet your requirements. If you don’t you may well see inaccurate rating


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