Creating Shipping Boxes

If you have any of the following needs then you need to add store wide boxes:

  1. Boxes that can contain multiple different skus
  2. Common box sizes – will save repetition
  3. Need for packing weight on box
  4. Single point of reference for boxes used on site

Under “Catalog>Manage Shipping Boxes” you can define all the boxes you want to use with your products.

Store Wide Box Configuration

For each box you can assign it’s height, width, length, and packing weight.  You can also set the maximum weight allowed per box and the maximum number of products allowed in the box. All these fields are optional, including dimensions.
The packing weight defines the additional weight of the box. So you could say any box packed also has a packing weight of 2lbs. This will add 2lbs to these boxes when getting rates from UPS, and hopefully give more representative rates.
You can also define USPS Flat Rate boxes under this menu. You should set the “USPS Box Type” to custom box when you’re creating your own boxes, otherwise set to the relevant USPS box. This is explained in more detail under the USPS Flat Rate box section.

Create Box

Once you have configured and saved your box, this is then ready to be assigned it to the relevant products that use it.

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