Adding a surcharge to Live Rates


A surcharge is required to all shipping rates being returned, based on the product in the cart. The following surcharges apply:

  1. Add $50 per bike
  2. Add $5 per order if any number of helmets are in the cart
  3. Add $2 per unique product if Aerosols are in the cart


Handling Matrix gives a lot of flexibility around surcharging. The algorithm field can be set to ORDER, ITEM, PRODUCT to signify the different ways to calculate the surcharge.



Sometimes you may need to add the handling charges just once for the order, or for every item of that type in the cart.


In rare circumstances you may want to add every time a unique product is added to the cart. So in the example above whenever a different type of Aerosol is added the surcharge is made.

Shipping groups are used here to differentiate products. This allows you to have more than one product in a group. These are setting in the Shipping tab on the product listing.


The example CSV file can be downloaded in the link below:

Surcharging Live rates CSV

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