CSV file configuration


Name Description
Country Destination Country – use * for all
State Destination State – use * for all
City Destination City (generally not used) – use * for all
Zip from Destination zipcode (e.g. BT% to match Northern Island or 14353 to match zip codes starting with this value). This extension does not support UK postcode filtering.
Zip to Only used when wanting to match numerical zipcode ranges
Handling Group Can be assigned to 1 or more products. Identifies the handling rates for those products. Can be set to * to either include all products, or include all products not in other handling groups (see configuration section below).
Price From Minimum price above which this rate applies
Price To Maximum price at which this rate applies
Qty From Minimum no of items that must be greater than of combined products in cart with package id above
Qty To Maximum number of combined products in cart with package id above
Price The price that the customer will be charged assuming all

criteria in row is met


When set to ITEM the handling price is multiplied by the #items of the handling group in the cart.

When set to ORDER the handling price is used as a flat rate for the order.

PRODUCT indicates will multiple by unique product qty in cart (e.g. 3* Product A and 2 * Product B would result in qty being 2). Only applicable if you have Per Unique Product Totalling.

When set to PERCENTAGE_CART the handling price is determined by the price column being used as a percentage multiplied by the sum of the items in the handling group (* for all items).

PERCENTAGE_SHIP allows you to increase/decrease the shipping price by a percentage. E.g. you can say reduce all shipping prices by 25% when order total is over $100

 Delivery Type Enter the delivery type as shown on the front end. E.g 3 Day Select.

(This is supported from zip version 5.2)

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