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The Matrixrate shipping extension provides the original multiple tablerate shipping calculation solution for Magento websites, allowing shipping rates to be calculated using the following criteria:

  • Destination
  • Weight, Price or # Items

A multiple tablerate solution allows the Magento administrator to define multiple possible shipping rates to display to a customer. For example, let’s say you want to offer Standard and Next Day Delivery, with different prices to UK and Europe. Matrixrate meets this need.


Matrixrate has the following additional capabilities:
  • Completely csv driven, no coding required to change prices, add rates, etc
  • Allows multiple postage rates to be displayed for the customer to choose in particular country/city/region/zipcode/condition range, where condition can be weight, price or #items
  • Zipcode based filtering. Can either use the basic “starts with” criteria, or more complex pattern matching
  • Support for numerical zipcode ranges – e.g. specify a price that applies to all postcodes within the range 9755-9999
  • To be able to specify an upper and lower boundary for price, weight, or item vs destination rates

The management of shipping rates is done via a csv file, which is uploaded to the database. Shipping calculations are then done via sql searches, providing efficient results. 

Features not in this Extension

  • Show error message if no rates found in checkout
  • Free shipping support
  • Filtering on weight, price at same time

If you need these features then you will need the Premium Version.

Interested in this extension?

We provide a large variety of Shipping Extensions, designed to meet the differing needs and demands of the Magento user base.

Some of the most popular extensions and successors to the famous MatrixRate extension are :

  1. Premium Matrixrate – Provides facilities for specifying multiple countries (zones) on one line, filtering simultaneously on price & weight, UK postcode filtering, free shipping promotion support, algorithmic capabilities to reduce csv file size
  2. Product Matrix – The ultimate table based shipping extension, providing massive flexibility around shipping rates, including the use of shipping groups for product filtering (e.g. charge more for large items), customer group filtering, highest price totalling, percentage cart, totalling – this is the extension you want if you really want to control shipping properly.
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