Advanced Functionality


1. Use of Shipping Price attribute

Shipping Override gives you the capability to set a shipping price per product. Depending on how you configure the setting ‘Shipping Price Field’ in Shipping Settings will influence how this shipping price is applied to the shipping cost.

Shipping Price can be found in the product listing under the shipping tab.


Shipping Price Field Setting

According to this field the behaviour of shipping price will alter:

Field Definition
Ignore Shipping Price is ignored
Replace by Ship Price, ignores all CSV Rules For all products in the cart that match will use the shipping price instead of the live shipping rate. Will not process CSV rules
Surcharge by Ship Price, ignores all CSV Rules For all products in the cart that match will add the shipping price onto the standard live shipping rate. Will not process CSV rules
Surcharge Price only when rule matched in CSV If, and only if, a rule is found from the CSV Shipping Rules which matches the product will the shipping price be appended onto the rates as a surcharge

The price is multiplied by the qty in cart. In the example above you can see the box has been set to a value of $5. So if this item is added twice to the cart the shipping price will display as $10.

See examples of usage.

2. Rules & Error Messages

Rule Description
error This error message is shown over the standard error message if the only rule matching is the rule with the error defined. So for example you may use this if you want to entirely exclude shipping to a destination and include a descriptive error message for each exclusion.
p This should be used in combination with the above “error” rule. It will allow you to assign a priority to an error. It will allow you to define which error message will take precedence should multiple errors be available. The priority should always be defined first in the rule column. Please click here for an example
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