Carrier Configuration

Before you can use the PremiumMatrixrate extension you need to configure the Shipping Carrier itself. These are store wide settings which affect the processing of the shipping rules.

This configuration can be found in Configuration->Shipping Methods->Premium Rates.

The settings are described in the below sections. If you are unsure please leave as the default.

We have started adding some examples for these options to give you further help.

1. Configuration Options

Function Definition
Enabled Switch Extension ON/OFF
Serial Key  Extension Authentication – Must always be present. Will blank out if serial key not accepted
Title Name of the Shipping Option displayed on the cart/checkout
Postcode Filtering Allows the user to set the post code filtering rule e.g. both UK and Numeric will work for UK and Numbered postal codes.
Zip Code Max Length The maximum length a zip code can be which will then trim the remaining digits from the zip code.




2. Advanced Settings and options

Function Definition
Calculate using Tax Inclusive Prices  In Magento shipping is calculated based on excl tax price. There are a very few scenarios where the incl tax price is needed.
Calculate using Discounted Prices  Use the price after a coupon has been applied
Include Virtual Products in Price Calculation  Should virtual products be included in the calculation? By default they’re excluded.
Remove Free Product Prices from Shipping Calculation Remove free items from calculating shipping
Free Method Select which shipping method will display when a promotional cart rules are used
Free Shipping Display Text Sets the name of the free shipping method.
Apply Free Shipping to Lowest Price Method If you have multiple methods available, always set the lowest priced one to free
Use Higher of Weight/Volume   If you’re using Volume Weight vs Destination as the condition, do you want to use the higher of the volume and weight as the weight
Always Use Actual Weight for These Methods  Rather than using the volume if it is greater than the weight, methods you select here will always use the weight. This is only used when you have”Use higher of volume/weight” set to yes.
Packing Weight Enter a numerical value to add on a fixed weight per order to account for packing weight.


3. Standard Magento Shipping Options

These options are always included as part of a standard Magento shipping carrier.

Function Definition
Calculate Handling fee The rate to apply i.e fixed or a percentage fee
Handling fee Apply rate if shipping is zero.
Display Error Message Error message to display if the shipping module has errors. Allows you to customise the default message for localisation.
User Defined Code This needs to be set to yes if you are using the m= algorithm within the CSV file.
Custom sorting Default sorting is via price, you can use this together with numerics in notes column to change sort order of rates shown
Ship to Applicable Countries  Allows user to set whether they want there shipping methods to appear for all countries or only specific countries
Ship to Specific Countries Select the Countries you ship to by Highlighting them before saving Configuration
Show Method if not Applicable  Yes to show method when not applicable – will show error message
Sort Order Shipping method order among multiple shipping methods –  0 to top



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