Customer Group

1. Set different rates for specific client groups

This is a simple example of using customer groups

The rules we are implementing:

  1. Set separate rates for the Patients and Dentists client groups

To implement this rule you will need to specify the Customer Groups in the CSV

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 17.33.06

Additionally you will need to navigate to the Customer Group tab in the Magento Admin panel. Customers>Customer groupsin here you will need to create the customer groups you stated within the CSV.

After these groups have been created, you will need to assign customers to those groups by navigating into Customers>Manage Customers.This is where you assign the customer to a specific group:


2. Exclude a rate for specific customer groups

Sometimes you do not want certain rates to show for specific customer groups. In this case, it is possible exclude the rate using the -1 shipping price:



With the above example, when a customer is not logged in they will not receive the “Shipping” delivery type. Any other customer group will receive the “Shipping” delivery type as normal.

3. Apply a rate to a set of customer groups

Unlike the shipping group and destination columns an asterisk does not mean “everything else”. Instead, it will apply to all customer groups. Instead, it is possible to comma-separate customer groups:


With the above example, a customer assigned to any of the three customer groups on row 2 will receive “Shipping” at $10.


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