Quantity Based

1. Simple Quantity based Filtering

Here we are configuring 2 rules:

  1. Shipping to the USA when quantity > 0 and quantity <=2 is $3 via Standard Shipping
  2. Shipping to the USA when quantity >2 and quantity <=4 is $5 via Standard Shipping

To achieve this you will need to set the item number ranges in the CSV and assign the appropriate rates to those ranges.

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 17.13.23


2. Rates based on item quantity and boxes

Here we are configuring 2 rules:

  1. Set base price for 0  to 5 items as 100 AUD
  2. Set base price for 5 to 10 items as 180 AUD
  3. Add an extra 20 AUD to the base price for each item additional in the cart
To achieve this scenario you would need to state the quantity ranges and base prices in the CSV as well as use the I= algorithm to set the per item price increments.
quatity and boxes

3. Shipping in batches

Configuration we are implementing:

  • Enforce shipping items in sets of 6

This configuration can be achieved by using the  shipping_qty attribute in your Magento store.

To use this attribute you may need to follow this link to add the attribute to the attribute set: Magento Attributes

This attribute will allow you to state the amount of items in this case bottles to be counted as one. So as you can see in the screenshot below this item will be counted as 1 item being shipped if you are filtering based on the quantity but will actually ship 6 bottles.




4. Increasing the price based on every 4 items added to the cart

  The way you would do this is by using the im= algorithm. The example below show you how to add a shipping cost of $22 for every 4 items added to the cart.

The way the algorithm is structured is im=<item thresold> @ <price>  so for adding $22 for every 4 items it would look like: im=4@22


Note: The shipping price and item from have to be set to zero and not star *

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