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One of the algorithms available in Product Matrix is the %= algorithm it adds more flexibility to the pricing structure by allowing the use of:

  • percentage based surcharges
  • charging the shipping cost as a percentage of the cart total


1. Charging different Percentages based on Country

The rules we are implementing:

  • Shipping to USA charged as 5% of cart total
  • Shipping to Canada charged as 10% of the cart total
  • Shipping to Alaska charged as 10USD plus 6% of the cart total

To set the set rules up you will need set the shipping price as 0 for USA and CAN and set the shipping price for Alaska as well as use the %= algorithm  in the CSV

This will result in the following rates being returned if we use a product worth 100USD

Cart total Shipping to Shipping calculation Final shipping price
100USD USA  100 x 5% 5USD
100USD CAN  100 x 10% 10USD
100USD AK  (100 x 6%) + 6 12USD

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 20.54.09


2. Charging Shipping based on Percentage of Item(s) Cost

The rules we are implementing:
  • Charge shipping as 10% of the cart value
  • Add a 15UDS  surcharge on the shipping

To achieve this you will need to use the %= algorithm in the CSV stating the value %=(percentage surcharge) + base price

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 20.56.44


Below is a screenshot of the result at the cart estimator:



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