Next-day delivery does not show on Monday


I have a rule in my CSV for next-day deliveries (algorithm “D=1″) but Monday is not available for this method.

Please see the FAQ on holidays if the next Monday is a public holiday.


This is caused by Sunday being marked as a blacked out dispatch day. After accounting for the production days the extension looks at the first available dispatch day.

Think of each day as a numbered day:

  1. Monday
  2. Tuesday
  3. Wednesday
  4. Thursday
  5. Friday
  6. Saturday
  7. Sunday (and loop)

For each day, the extension looks at the quantity of days in the D= algorithm and checks to see if the current day minus this quantity of days is available as a dispatch day. So, with D=1, Wednesday checks to see if Tuesday is available (4 – 1), Tuesday checks for Monday (3 – 2) and so on. Thus, in the case of Monday, it checks to see if Sunday is available as a dispatch day (2 – 1).

Similarly, with D=2, Wednesday will check to see if Monday is available (4 – 2) and Tuesday will check to see if Sunday is available (3 – 2).


If Sunday cannot be assigned as an available dispatch day additional rules will need to be created if next-day delivery is to be displayed on a Monday.

This CSV file demonstrates how to display next-day deliveries for Monday when the dispatch day is a Saturday.


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