Delivery Options Specific Troubleshooting


Sometimes UPS Rates are not returned by the carrier as expected or no methods are returned at all. We have a unique Logger which is installed on all our extensions that can assist you, and we encourage you to read the documentation and view the screencast on how to set this up. If you come in for support we will more often than not asked you to check the logs first.

Description Solution
Can’t find where to enter access credentials You will need to fill out the UPS Registration section to enter your details.
No rates returned returned on frontend Please check the live carrier logs for error messages.
No rates returned from the carrier for a UK origin  UK addresses are not supported by the sandbox mode. You will need to change to live rates to return rates from UPS.
Locations returned in WebShopApps Logs but they are not displayed on the frontend  The “UPS Type” will need to be set to XML as per our UPS blog article and saved in System > Configuration > Shipping Methods > UPS, even if the method is not enabled.
Rates returned do not reflect negotiated rates Ensure that the “Customer Classification Code” has been set to “Rates Associated with Shipper Number”
Rates returned are too high Ensure that the “Pickup Method” matches your pickup method
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