Global Dimensional Shipping Settings

Once you have Dimensional Shipping installed you will need to switch it on and if applicable change the store wide settings.

These settings and the enable/disable feature can be found in Magento Admin under System->Configuration->Shipping Settings



There are various system wide options you can choose from. We suggest initially just leave as the default settings until you have played with the extension and understand it some more. The options you can select from are:


Option Description
Enabled  Enable/disable extension
Serial Key  Serial, if blank then means invalid, and extension will not run. You should resolve this by checking your url and serial key
Packing Algorithm This can be either Exact Packing, Best-Fit or Largest Box Packing. Best-Fit and Exact Packing are the only documented methods currently. Exact Packing is the default. Largest Box Packing should only be used if advised by WebShopApps
Ship every item separately  Specify if every single item is shipped separately
Use parent  When using bundled or configurable products if this switch is set to Yes then the dimensional setup of the configurable/bundle product will be used as opposed to the child simple products within it
Apply all Boxes to all Products This will act as though all of the products have been assigned all of the possible shipping boxes for use with Best Fit Packing. Selecting possible packing boxes at the product level will override this option. (Implemented in v16.4). Please note: If no boxes have been created all products will be sent without any dimensions.
Default item packing box  The default packing box to use for products that do not have a box assigned. Can be left blank. See Box Configuration for how to setup a boxes
Round weight to next whole number  Will round any weight up to a whole number e.g. 10.2lbs will become 11lbs
Show packages in comment history  By default (switch set to Yes) all packages sent to the carrier will be displayed under the comment history section of new orders. If you set this switch to No then no packages will be displayed in the comment history section. Please note, setting the switch to No will not remove packages from previous orders comment history, it will only remove packages from orders created after the switch has been set to No



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