Shipping Carrier Configuration

Currently the Dimensional Shipping extension supports UPS, Fedex, USPS out of the box. We also provide support against our Freight Based extensions such as UPS Freight and Fedex Freight but please contact us to ensure it will meet your specific needs.

If you do not have the correct Fedex Web Service account or UPS XML account setup then you will not see shipping rates. We highly recommend before doing any configuration you just enable the extension and your carriers and ensure you can get basic rates back. If you cannot then please switch on logging and look at the responses coming back from the carriers. The most common issue we see is with invalid credentials, or trying to use sandbox credentials in a live environment.

In addition to the standard settings UPS supports the following additional configuration:


Option Description
Add Declared Value  If set to yes uses the total cart price and sends this to UPS when requesting rates, in order to get the insurance premium on top of the actual shipping rate
Split oversized items into multiple packages  If you have packages or a cart that is oversized then when this option is set to Yes it will split according to the max weight. So, for instance, 400lbs would be split to be 2*150lb and 1*100lb packages
Maximum individual weight support for splitting  The maximum weight supported when splitting a package. You could set a limit of say 500lb then if any individual package exceeded this it would not be split (and hence rates would not be shown). This option is useful if you have a Freight extension in place at a higher weight threshold than 150lbs

USPS supports the same options as UPS, though the declared value capability is not implemented within USPS yet as we understand. We have investigated this with clients and have had discussions with USPS and they have told us that sending in the declared value will not result in rates being returned including insurance costs. We have left the feature coded in as we hope USPS fully implement their API soon!

Fedex supports the above options plus adds the following:


Option Description
Show Home Delivery as Ground   When set Home Delivery will be shown as Ground on the frontend
Allow Saturday Pickups  If set to No then no Saturday pickups are allowed. Allowing Saturday pickups will result in seeing higher rates for air shipping when Fedex determines a Saturday pickup is possible. Default is No
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