Special box dimensions for a certain product


How can I ship a specific product in a custom sized box when using the Dimensional Shipping extension?


The solution to this scenario is to set the box dimensions under the configuration panel that can be located under Catalog>Manage Products>”Desired product”>Individual Shipping Boxes. When in this configuration panel you will need to choose the option under Box called ‘Custom’. This will then allow you to enter the box dimensions. As you can see from the screenshot below I have set my custom box to the dimensions of 52x25x15:

This screenshot shows that when the specific product is in the cart then the custom sized box is used for shipping. To view this information you will need to turn on the WebShopApps logging and view the log titled ‘Packages Sent To Carrier':


Please see the following article which explains how to turn on WebShopApps logging in order to view which boxes are used when shipping products.


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