USPS Flat Rate Box Configuration

The extension supports defining which type of USPS flat rate box each product ships in. This can be in addition to the individual or multiple shipping boxes you may have defined in the previous step.


When flat rate box rates will be returned


The extension will request a rate for USPS flat rate boxes when all products in the cart are assigned to a USPS flat rate box. If there’s a product in the cart which isn’t assigned to a flat rate box then rates will not be requested for flat rate boxes. Only standard USPS services will be returned.


What happens when products are assigned to different boxes

If products are assigned to different sized USPS flat rate boxes then the largest box will be shown as the choice to the customer, the price will be for the largest box plus any other smaller boxes required by other products. For example:


Product A is assigned to a small box which is $5.80


Product B is assigned to a large box which is $16.85.


The customer will see “Large Flat Rate Box” @ $22.65 ($5.80 + $16.85)



Product configuration

The fields in this configuration area have the same functionality as the ones under “Individual Shipping Boxes”. The length, width and height are irrelevant in this section as the flat rate boxes are of a fixed size. The fields will always be greyed out. You can either use a predefined USPS Box, or one you’ve created under the catalog->manage shipping boxes menu. You will only see boxes which aren’t of USPS Box Type custom.

Boxes are packed in the same manner as the Exact Packing algorithm. For a detailed explanation please see the article: How does Dimensional Shipping work out which individual box items fit into?

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 17.12.32

USPS carrier configuration

Configure USPS as you would normally except do NOT select any of the “Flat Rate Box” options as allowed methods. This is because the extension decides when and which box rates to retrieve. The inbuilt Magento USPS will request rates for all of the box rates.
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