Dropship Carrier Configuration

Under System->Configuration->Shipping Methods->Dropship you are able to configure the store wide settings of Dropship. In most circumstances you can leave many of these options to their default, as they are there for advanced control of the extension.



Switch Description
Default Warehouse The warehouse to use for products that are not assigned to a warehouse
Use Parent Shipping Group  Use parent shipping group for bundle&configurable items. If set to Yes will look at parent items when determining warehouse, otherwise child items
Create shipment email  Switches on/off the ability to automatically create shipment emails & pending shipments for each warehouse in the order
Display merged shipping rates  Customer sees merged shipping rates and is oblivious to different vendors/warehouses in cart if present
Always Show Warehouse and Item Breakdown Always show warehouse name and products within split checkout
Weight Unit to Display  Determines what unit of weight to display against each item ordered when “Always Show Warehouse and Item Breakdown” is set to “Yes”
Show Bundled Breakdown at Checkout Display both bundle parent and bundle child products at checkout
Warehouse description  Instead of displaying “warehouse” in various screens to customer can select your own choice of text
Explanation text  Only applies to split checkout. Displayed at bottom of shipping method selection in one page checkout – providing details of why shipping is split
Explanation URL  Only applies to split checkout. URL for text above to link to
Ignore Dropship in Shipping Calculations Switches off Dropship for any shipping calculations. Essentially then Dropship is just in use for splitting the order at end into separate warehouses for separate emailing and shipments
Use Default Warehouse when In Stock  When a product is shown as ’In Stock’ on your store then the Default Warehouse will be used to ship this item
Use Cart Price in Calculations Normally Dropship will pass in to each warehouse the totals for the items in that warehouse. But when this is set to true passes in the cart price to each warehouse. Please use with extreme caution, if unsure set to No
Weight adjustment  Percentage to adjust weight by
Use Common Warehouse  Use a common warehouse between items rather than nearest (Dropship Nearest only)
Vendor SKU Attribute Code  Use this attribute value on the shipment email sent to each warehouse
Show Additional Information at Checkout Show a simple date field and text field at checkout.
Calculate handling fee  Calculate additional handling fee
Handling applied  Apply handling fee per item or per order
Handling fee  Handling fee to apply
Show error message if no rates returned  If no rates can be found will show this error message, as long as no other shipping carrier errors are present
Displayed error message  Error message



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