Warehouse Configuration

After installation the first step is to configure the warehouses/vendors you have.  Depending on your requirements you may be using warehouses in a variety of ways including:

  • Each warehouse maps onto an actual warehouse you distribute from
  • Warehouses are used to segment your products into different carriers/delivery types (with possibly different origins as well e.g. You may ship some items from NY using FedEx and some items using USPS. In this scenario using 2 warehouses is a good way of handling that
  • A warehouse is a supplier, vendor, manufacturer, drop-shipper

To configure your warehouses:

  1. Open Magento Admin and navigate to Shipping Mgr->Manage Warehouses
  2. For each warehouse click Add Warehouse
  3. Enter warehouse details according to table below, and the shipping carriers that this warehouse supports
  4. If you need to change the default carrier configuration then enter that as required (see section below for more information)



Warehouse Settings

Field Description
Title Internal reference name of the warehouse
Description Customer viewable description of the warehouse
Origin Street Purely optional, used in emails
Origin City This is optional for a lot of carriers, but some such as ABF Freight, FedEx Freight rely on it being present in order to return rates, so recommended you always enter
Origin State The state code for this origin. It must be the code, not the textual representation e.g. NY, CA
Origin Zipcode Mandatory for most carriers
Origin Country Mandatory for most carriers
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