USPS Shipping via Endicia Overview

This extension interacts with the USPS Shipping carrier to provide shipping rates around the world


  • Easy to install and configure
  • Manage your Endicia account balance from the Magento admin panel
  • Generate USPS shipping labels for shipments via Endicia, even for orders that are not using USPS via Endicia for shipping rates.
  • Give customers the ability to track their orders


Note: Before configuring the WebShopApps USPS Shipping via Endicia extension you will need to sign up for an Endicia Label Server account. This will provide you with proper credentials to access Endicia via our extension. The Endicia Label Server plan is separate from your Endicia plan and Endicia plan credentials (e.g. Standard, Premium, Professional, Platinum) will not work with this extension.

Sign Up

You must register for an Endicia Label Server account and change your temporary pass phrase, before you can use USPS via Endicia.

  1. Register for an Endicia Label Server account on
  2. You will receive a username and temporary pass phrase from Endicia by email
  3. Go to System->Configuration->Shipping Methods
  4. Open the “USPS through Endicia – Powered by WebShopApps” tab
  5. Enter your Endicia username and temporary pass phrase and click “Save Config”
  6. Enter your new pass phrase into the field “New Pass Phrase” and click the “Change Pass Phrase” buttonEndicia Configuration
  7. If your pass phrase was changed successfully the “Change Pass Phrase” button will turn green and notify you of a successful changeChanged Pass Phrase
  8. If successful, enter your new pass phrase into the “Pass Phrase” field and save the configurationConfiguration___System___Magento_Admin

You can now move on to adding credit to your Endicia account and configuring the extension.

Shipping Configuration

To configure the WebShopApps USPS Shipping via Endicia extension for shipping
  1. Go to System->Configuration->Shipping Methods
  2. Open the “USPS through Endicia – Powered by WebShopApps” tab
  3. If you wish to use USPS shipping rates in your store, set enabled Shipping Rates to ‘Yes’
  4. If you wish to generate labels using Endicia, set ‘Enable Shipping Labels’ to ‘Yes’
  5. Enter your Endicia account details.
  6. Select the delivery methods that you would like to be available to your customers on the front end of the store.
  7. Set all other options as required
  8. Save changes

Label Configuration

Note: We recommend you review and restrict access to Endicia label creation and configuration page using permissions, to prevent fraudulent postage creation.

To configure the WebShopApps USPS Shipping via Endicia extension for label generation, under Label Configuration:

  1. You can pre-select to Use Endicia labels when generating labels for any carrier by selecting ‘Default to Endicia Label’ as ‘Yes’
  2. You can enable insurance options when generating labels, by selecting a provider under ‘Shipment Insurance From Provider’. Further information on insurance is outlined below
  3. Enter default values in relevant fields for:
    1. Domestic and international services
    2. Shipping container type
    3. Default dimensions, these will pre-populate the dimension fields when created a shipment label in Magento
    4. Display order number on label
  4. You can specify up to three product attributes that will be included on the label, we suggest you contact WebShopApps if this is required as there are text length limitations and some delivery methods do not support this feature.

Insurance Configuration

WebShopApps USPS Shipping via Endicia supports insurance from both Endicia and USPS.

Endicia Parcel Insurance

  • To use Endicia Parcel Insurance, your Endicia account must be activated for this service:
    • Accept the insurance agreement from within the website, so you can use the electronic process.
    • Log into your account at
    • Go to “My Account -> Update Profile -> InsuranceAgreement”
    • You should be able to send insured packages right away, but it may take a full business day before you can file a claim.
  • The Endicia insurance fee is not included in the postage price, it is billed to your Endicia account.
  • Further information on Endicia Parcel Insurance including restrictions and making a claim can be found on the Endicia website 

USPS Insurance

  • No account authorization is required for USPS insurance
  • The insurance cost is included in the postage price for label
  • USPS online insurance is available only for mailpieces with Delivery Confirmation or Signature Confirmation.
  • USPS insurance is not allowed for international mail or when ‘Hide Shipping Price on Label’ is set to ‘Yes’.
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