Endicia SCAN forms

What is a SCAN form?

The USPS and Endicia Shipment Confirmation Acceptance Notice (SCAN) is a document which contains information about the associated packages with a group shipment through a master barcode located on the SCAN form.

These forms are then scanned by a USPS employ upon collection of of packages. This format allows the USPS employee to save time as not every package needs to be scanned to retrieve the shipping and tracking information for the shipment.

When the barcode is scanned, the package information is instantly transmitted into the USPS tracking database, notifying both shippers and recipients that their shipments have entered the USPS mailstream and that the shipping process has started. After being scanned, shippers and package recipients can track and check the status of their packages using the USPS Tracking number.


How to use a SCAN form?

SCAN Forms are available for any customer who prints shipping labels via an online postage vendor. When using a SCAN Form, all packages must be shipped the same day the shipping labels are printed. Also, each package can be associated with only one SCAN Form. SCAN Forms must be used in conjunction with electronic USPS Tracking or electronic Signature Confirmation, otherwise they cannot be used.

To ensure package information is not duplicated, updates or changes cannot be made once a SCAN Form is printed. Examples of an update or change include adding or removing packages associated with the printed SCAN Form. If you make an update or change, your SCAN Form is no longer valid and all packages associated with that form must be scanned individually.


How to create and produce a SCAN form?

To create a SCAN form in Endicia please follow these instructions:


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