Cerasis Freight Configuration


Following the successful installation of the extension using our installation guide, you will need to register to get a Shipper ID, Username, Password and Access Key from Cerasis.

Once the registration is successfully completed you will receive an email similar to the one below within 1 hour and will receive a second email containing your Access Key by the next business day.


Thank you for registering with Cerasis, Inc. We hope you enjoy the 30 day trial of the Cerasis Freight Shipping Magento plug-in powered by WebShopApps. In addition to the plug-in, you also have access to The Cerasis Rater. Using the credentials provided below, you can log on to work with any shipments you created from Magento. Additionally, you have access to freight claims management, a dedicated Cerasis customer service representative, and all freight accounting services such as freight payment, freight auditing, and freight invoice consolidation.

Website URL: http://cerasis.ltlship.com
ShipperID: XXXX-X
Password: XXXXXXXX

Your 30-day trial expires on XX/XX/XXXX. If you have any questions during your trial, please contact us at 800-734-5351 or visit our website at http://cerasis.com to learn more about Cerasis and our products and services.

Cerasis, Inc.

Shipper configuration


Screenshot of Cerasis Configuration

With yourShipper ID and Username at hand:

  1. Open Magento Admin
  2. Navigate to Configuration->Shipping Methods
  3. Enable the shipping method
  4. Enter your Shipper ID, Access Key, and User Name (User ID; received from Cerasis following the instructions under “Registration” above).
  5. Set the rest of the configuration as required
  6. Save config

At this point you will have a 30-day trial account with Cerasis and the Light version of our Cerasis Freight Shipping extension installed. If you don’t see a feature you need included with the Light version of the extension, you’re welcome to request a download of the Full version of the extension (which is still free) by contacting us. Review the differences between the Light and Full versions.

Moving from a Trial Account to a Full Account

Once you are satisfied that Cerasis and our Cerasis Freight Shipping extension will meet your needs, you’ll need to request that your account is upgraded to a full account. To do this, contact Cerasis directly at the number you’ve received from Cerasis in your account turn-up email received after registration. Once you’ve set up a full account with Cerasis, we’ll send you the Full version of the Cerasis Freight Shipping extension, if we haven’t done so already at your request. If you don’t receive it in 1-2 business days, please contact us.

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