Freight-Specific Troubleshooting


When dealing with Freight Shipping there are many variables that can affect how rates are calculated. Ultimately you will need to look at the logs from the extension and the carrier to work out issues and refine the configuration to suit your needs.  We have a unique Logger, which is installed on all our extensions that can assist you and we encourage you to read the documentation and view the screencast on how to set this up. If you come in for support we will more often than not asked you to check the logs first.

No Rates Returned

The most common cause for freight rates not being returned from the carrier is incorrect freight API credentials. See the Diagnosing Issues with Freight Shipping Rates article for information on how to diagnose and resolve.

Unable to Create Shipping Labels

Not all of the freight extensions are compatible with shipping labels. Cerasis Freight is one such example.

If the “Generic Carrier Method” field has been defined in the Freight Common configuration section any orders without the generic carrier method name will not be able to receive a shipping label as the extension treats that method name differently. Similarly, if the field has not been defined and an older order has a generic carrier method name a shipping label cannot be generated for that order. New orders moving forward, however, can have a shipping label generated.

Freight Rates not Displayed when Freight

If products that are expected to ship via freight should receive freight rates, for example, if “Must Ship Freight” is selected in the product configuration page but the product(s) in the cart are not receiving freight rates check the conditions of the freight rules in the Freight Common configuration section. Freight Common denotes when freight rates should be displayed for the products in the cart.

Non-Freight Rates not Displayed when Freight

By default, only freight carrier rates will be displayed when freight items in the cart. To display other carriers (for example, Flat Rate), select the carrier name(s) in “Always Display these Other Carriers” in the Freight Common configuration section.

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