Handling Fees Matrix CSV columns

  Below is a list of table columns and their purposes in Handling Fees Matrix:

Country – Destination country (use ‘*’ for all)

State – Destination state (use ‘*’ for all)

City – Destination city (use ‘*’ for all)

Zip from – Destination zipcode (e.g. ‘BT%’ to match Northern Ireland addresses or 14535 to match zipcodes with this value). This extension does not support UK postcode filtering.

Zip to – Only used when matching numerical zipcode ranges.

Handling Group – Can be assigned to one or more products, identifying the handling rates for these products. Can be set to ‘*’ either to include all products, or all products not in other Handling Groups (see “How do I set up Handling Groups in Handling Fees Matrix?”.

Price from – Minimum price above which this rate applies.

Price to – Maximum price at which this rate applies.

Qty from – Minimum number of items with package id above, above which this rate applies.

Qty to – Maximum number of items with package id above, to which this rate applies.

Price – The price the customer will be charged assuming all criteria in the row are met.


  • When set to ITEM the handling rate is multipled by the number of items from the Handling Group in the cart
  • When set to ORDER the handling rate is used as a flat rate for the entire order.
  • PRODUCT means the handling rate will multiple by the quantity of unique products in the cart. If you have 3 of product A and four of product B, the quantity will be two. Only applicable if you’re using Per Unique Product Totalling.
  • PERCENTAGE_CART multiplies a percentage of the ‘Price’ column by the sum of the items in the Handling Group. (Use ‘*’ for all items.
  • PERCENTAGE_SHIP allows you to increase/decrease the shipping price by a percentage. For example, you might want to reduce all shipping on orders over $100 by 25%.
  • WEIGHTINC=50 adds 50lbs to the cart weight when this rule matches. You can change the 50 to any amount. Use this alongside any of the other algorithms with ‘&’ (e.g. ORDER&WEIGHTINC=50).

Delivery type – Enter the delivery type as shown on the frontend (e.g. 3 Day Select). This is supported from zip version 5.2.

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