Matrixrate Examples

The examples in the zip file show the following behavior:

  1. item simple.csv – Filter based on quantity in cart e.g. 3 items = $5 Standard
  2. price range.csv – Shows how multiple delivery types work, uses price vs destination filtering
  3. weight example.csv – Shows a weight based example with multiple delivery types, e.g. 7lbs to USA results in UPS Ground $15 and Next Day Air $30
  4. postcode range.csv – Shows an Australian example using postcode ranges
  5. weight postcode starts with.csv – Shows a UK example using postcode filtering (basic)

It’s worth noting that the Premium version of Matrixrate offers a great deal of features which reduce the size of a csv file, it’s complexity, and ultimately time to maintain.  These include:

  1. Support for multiple countries on one line – put all your European rates in one concise set
  2. Multiple postcodes on one line
  3. Multiple postcode ranges on one line
  4. Ability to specify an additional price per unit of weight (e.g. add 50 cents for every extra pound)
  5. Ability to specify an additional price per item (e.g. for every additional item until x point add $1)

Additionally the premium version has other features such as support for mixed price/weight/item filtering, Google Checkout support, tons of examples, etc.

The example CSV files can be downloaded in the links below:








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