Postcode Filtering

1. UK Postcode filtering

With the Matrixrate extension you are able to filter the shipping method or price based on the postcode entered into the frontend of the store.

For this example when the customer ships to the postcode of BT within the UK they will receive a shipping price of $25 where as if they ship to any other postcode the shipping will cost $10.

The example CSV file below shows how this would be configured within the file:



2. UK Highlands and Islands Postcode filtering

With the Matrixrate extension you are able to filter shipping based on multiple postcodes for a specific location. For example if you would like to offer different shipping rates for the Highlands and Islands within the United Kingdom to the rest of the UK shipping rate. Then the following example UKPostcodeFilteringHighlands will achieve this scenario for you:



As you can see some postcodes are stated as PH18 ___ and others are PH18___, this is so that the extension is able to tell the different between having spaces in the middle of the postcode when entered on the frontend of the store and when postcode spaces are not entered at the cart or checkout processes.

This also reduces the risk of if a PH1 rule was added to the CSV file and the client wants to ship to a PH18 postcode then this configuration will stop both postcode rules from showing at the same time within the cart estimator or checkout process.

When shipping to the postcode of PH18 which is one of the Highland locations then a rate of 12.95 will be shown.


When shipping to any other postcode within the UK such as SS7 5UH then a rate of £25 will be shown for the shipping.


3. Numerical Range Postcode filtering

With this extension you are also able to filter based on numerical postcodes. If you’re using this function, make sure you have “Use Numeric Zipcode Ranges” set to yes in the admin settings of MatrixRate.

These can be done within a range. As shown in the example CSV file, if a postcode between 90000 and 91000 is entered then the customer will receive shipping at a price of $8. But for shipping within the rest of the USA shipping will cost $15


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