No Shipping Methods are Available

There’s a number of reasons you will see this error, you’ll find all of them listed below.

Please note that this article is common between multiple extensions. Any references to “shipping groups” also apply to handling groups and special shipping groups. Not all extensions (for example, Premium Rates) have these attributes, however.
  1. Check the serial key field (if present) is not empty in your settings under System->Configuration->Shipping Methods-><Extension Name>. If it is, then it is not validating and no rates will show. That needs to be resolved before progressing.
  2. Your CSV file is corrupt and has not uploaded. To check the file has uploaded look at the database table shipping_<extension_name> (E.g: shipping_productmatrix) and ensure it is populated. If you’re using a Mac, there’s some extra steps you need to take.
  3. You have a scenario in your cart that isn’t catered for in the CSV file, check you CSV file to ensure it makes sense. Remember the item from field is a ‘greater than’ field so putting ‘1’ in that field is usually incorrect. You should use an asterisk ‘*’.
  4. Simplify your CSV. Cut down the quantity of rules until you are able to receive rates then gradually add rules again until no rates are returned. This is usually the best guideline for determining the cause for rates not being returned. Try the examples pages as well to see if there are any notable differences in the rules.
  5. Check your weights, prices and quantities in your CSV file are valid for the products you have in your cart.Remember: the extension does not look at units of measurement so if you have a product that is 5grams (entered 5 in weight) and in your CSV file you have entered 5 meaning kilos; the extension does not know this, it is only looking at the number. Utilise the WebShopApps Logger to see what information the extension is receiving.
  6. Your shipping group attribute in Magento (it is the one that shows on your product listing under shipping) does not match the one in your CSV file. These must be identical including case for the extension to work correctly.
    1. You may also not have associated the product to the shipping group. If there is no ‘Shipping’ tab in the product listing or the ‘Shipping Group’ is missing, you need to add the attribute to each attribute set.
    2. You have entered values for the ‘Shipping Group’ attribute on a store level rather than a global level. You should only enter values globally as in the screen shot.
  7. [ProductMatrix Only] If you can get rates with just one item in the cart but not multiple, take a look at the ProductMatrix Knowledge Base around the “alt” algorithm.
  8. If you are unable to resolve the issue from any of the above please check the general troubleshooting guide. If you still can’t locate the issue, send us your debug logs.


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