Special Shipping Group Based Examples

1. Exclude Free Shipping

In this example CSV products not assigned to a shipping group should see the “Free Shipping” method when the cart total exceeds $400. However, if products in the “EXCLUDE_FREE” shipping group are in the cart, do not show “Free Shipping”.

For this example the “Free Shipping” module is enabled.


2. No Air Shipping For Hazardous Products

In this example CSV do not show any of the “2nd Day Air” or “Next Day Air” methods when a product from the “HAZARD” shipping group is in the cart.

This example is using pattern matching.




3. Show a Flat Rate only if certain product is in cart on its own, otherwise use live rates

In this examples CSV a flat rate of $5 should be used for “Ground” shipping when the cart contains only products that have been assigned to the “TSHIRTS” shipping group.



4. Free Ground based on Shipping Group

In this scenario any products assigned to the FREE special shipping group will receive free shipping via “Ground”.

When other products are added to the cart “Ground” will not include the shipping rates of the FREE product(s).


When adding a product from the “FREE” special shipping group:



This is the contents of the CSV:


5. Provide Different Rules for US48

In this example CSV all “2nd Day Air” methods receive a 10% discount for US48, whereas AK and HI receive the unaltered live rates.

This example utilises pattern matching and best match destination filtering.

Note that surcharging a rate by $0 will use the original rate.



Further Reading

The above examples are for common scenarios. For examples of specific algorithms see our Algorithm Examples page.

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