Extension Configuration in Magento Admin

Details all the configuration settings for Shipping Override under System->Configuration->Shipping Settings.  If in doubt leave as the default.

Function Definition
Enabled Switch Extension ON/OFF
Serial Key  Extension Authentication – Must always be present. Will blank out if serial key not accepted
Apply Shipping Group ‘*’ to All Items in Cart Please see the following link for a detailed description of this functionality
Use Numerical Zipcode Range If you are filtering in csv based on numeric zip codes e.g. 6116-6556 then this must be set to yes
Advanced Options See Below
Free Shipping Text If promotion rules determine that free shipping applies you can change the output text here
Use Parent Shipping Group When using Bundled and Configurable products you can specify if you want the extension to use the shipping group of the parent/outer product or the child/simple inner product within
Shipping Price Field How to use the shipping price field set at product level in shipping calculations
Ignore Weight of items Free Shipping Applies to Ignore Free Shipping item weight in calculation of match on rules
Treat FedEx Home Delivery as Ground Will match Home Delivery in Fedex as Ground in Shipping Rules
Show Method if not Applicable If you create rules which prevent all shipping methods from showing you may want to inform customer in that scenario (e.g. don’t ship a product if it’s to Alaska). Setting this field allows you to display a message or not
Show Method if not Applicable for any Methods Will only show error message if rules mean no rates shown on any shipping carriers/methods
Displayed Error Message Shown if “Show method if not applicable” is set to YES and shipping is restricted to return no rates by the extension

Advanced Options

Function Definition
Filter on subtotal price & weight In the csv file where you have shipping groups defined you can choose to filter based on the weight/price of the products in cart for that shipping group or the total weight/price of cart. E.g.: If there are $30 of products assigned to the BOOKS shipping group and $20 of CDS then this will use a cart price of $50 when using price-based filters.
Use Base Currency Prices Use the price of the base currency as opposed to store currency when calculating rules to match
Use Discounted Prices Use the discounted prices (after promotions applied) when calculating rules to match
Use Pattern Matching By default this extension will match based on the shipping method output by the carrier e.g. Next Day Air. There are scenarios where this value changes e.g. if a date is at end. In that scenario set this switch to YES and put a .* at end e.g. Courier.* will match on all shipping methods that start with Courier
Use Custom Option SKU as Shipping Group Allow shipping groups to be used in products’ custom options.
Use Tax Inclusive Prices In Magento shipping is calculated based on excl tax price. There are a very few scenarios where the incl tax price is needed
Use Text based Shipping Group If the attribute entered in the “Shipping group attribute” field is a textual attribute this option will need to be selected. The default attribute, special_shipping_group, uses a drop-down field so this should not be selected if using the default shipping group attribute
Use with Dropship Warehouse Adds warehouse ID column filter for use in conjunction with the Dropship extension.


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