State Based Examples

 1. Free Shipping On Selected Products To Selected States

With Shipping Override you can offer free shipping under certain criteria.  In this example we show how to offer free Ground shipping to selected states on selected products.

The first thing to do is set up a shipping group called FREE.  Then assign this to all your products you want to offer free shipping on.

The CSV file attached is then uploaded.  This configuration will offer Ground shipping at $0, but if the customer is from Alaska, Hawaii they will get charged the standard rate.

If the customer has say a FREE item and a standard item in the cart shipping is still calculated for the standard item.


The example CSV file can be downloaded in the link below:

free-shipping-selected-states CSV


2. Varying Shipping Rates based on Destination


I would like to ship internationally via a preset Flat Rate charge. When shipping inside of America I would like to have a flat rate charge based on a per product basis. Also I do not want to ship any packages to the states of Hawaii and Alaska. How can I achieve this?


The solution to the first part is to create a special shipping group for the product you wish to have specific rates for a country i.e USA as shown in the on the first line of the screenshot below.

To restrict a shipping method to a specific regions you can use the -1 feature to exclude certain delivery types based on their location as shown on the second line of screenshot below which demonstrates how to restrict a shipping method to Hawaii and Alaska for Fixed Flat rate.


The following screenshot shows the scenario when the shipping group ‘USAONLY’ is in the cart and shipping to California Flat Rate Fixed will have a custom charge of $10:


The following screenshot shows when the Shipping group ‘USAONLY’ is present in the cart and shipping to Hawaii, no rates are returned at the cart estimator:


The following screenshot show’s the scenario when the shipping group ‘USAONLY’ is present in the cart and shipping to the United Kingdom then a standard Magento Flat Rate is returned.


The example CSV file can be downloaded in the link below:

Restricting International Shipping CSV


3. Live Rates: Show USPS Flat Rate only when shipping to APO/AFO/Alaska/Hawaii


When a customer enters a non US 48 states address then only show USPS Flat rate shipping at a price of $14. For US 48 show UPS rates


Shipping Override will allow you to exclude the UPS methods when non US 48 is selected.  It also allows you to change the Parcel Post rate so that it is $14. If you preferred you could use Flat Rates to do this and use Shipping Override to show/hide as appropriate.




The extension uses -1 for restricting shipping. It will restrict whatever is in the Delivery Types – these must match exactly what is in the shipping quote.

To download the example CSV file please follow the link below:

Show USPS Flat Rate when shipping to APO/AFO/Alaska/Hawaii CSV


4. No USPS To Certain States

Let’s say you ship both UPS and USPS, but on selected states you want to limit shipping to UPS only.

The following CSV file shows how to do this for all products.  Here any customer from California or Arizona will not be shown the USPS shipping methods.


The example CSV file can be downloaded in the link below:



5. No Shipping To Alaska, Hawaii

The attached CSV shows how you can prevent shipping based on destination. If you wanted to you could extend this to prevent shipping of certain products (using shipping group column) to certain places, or indeed use any of the other filters in the CSV file (e.g. price, customer group, weight, etc).


The example CSV file can be downloaded in the link below:


6. Only Allow USPS for Hawaii, Alaska and US Territories

This CSV file will prevent USPS from showing for all shipping destinations except Alaska, Hawaii and APO/FPO/US Territory addresses. In this example, the only USPS methods enabled are Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express.

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 11.15.44


The surcharge rules make sure HI, AK,… etc don’t match the -1 rules. They just surcharge a $0.00 fee to the USPS rule so they won’t affect the rates. The -1 rules restrict the USPS methods from showing to any other states.

USPS Only for HI-AK-Territories

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