Postcode/Zipcode Based Examples

Note: If you’re using postal code matching, you must enter a country code on the same row in the CSV file.

1. UK Postcode filtering – Differentiating between L and LL

Premium Rates has intelligent UK postcode filtering, which allows it to differentiate between postcodes beginning with the same character.
This example CSV illustrates how to specify different rates for postcodes beginning with “L” (for example, “L20 1AA”) and postcodes beginning with “LL” (for example, “LL22 2BB”).
Note that if “LL” had not been defined in this CSV, any postcodes beginning with either “L” or “LL” will match on the first row.
screenshot 000262

2. Canada Postcode Ranges

In this example CSV two postcode ranges will receive different shipping rates. Either using the “ZIP from” and “ZIP to” columns together, as per the first row, or using a hyphenated range in the “ZIP from” column work equally as well.

screenshot 000263


3. UK Postcode Filtering

This example CSV illustrates how to use UK postcode filtering.

Note that when using UK postcode filtering a full postcode must be entered in to match correctly. For example, a postcode of “BT1″ entered at the checkout will not match on “BT” from this CSV but “BT1 1AA” will.


4. UK Postcode Ranges

When using UK postcodes, numerical ranges are not supported. You must define each postcode, comma-separated to define ranges.

The example below illustrates how to define a range of SS1 to SS3.

screenshot 000261

5. Pattern Matching Postcode Filtering

In this example CSV there are two different pattern matching postcode options in effect.

In the first row any entry in the postcode field beginning with “BT” at any character length will receive a rate.

In the second row the extension is explicitly looking for an entry in the postcode field beginning with either “JE” or “GY”, followed by one alphanumeric character, one space and three more alphanumeric characters.

screenshot 000264


6. Excluding Shipping To Specific Postal/Zip Codes

In this example CSV the “Free Shipping” method should be available only to mainland UK; for Northern Ireland, Jersey and Guernsey only the “Standard Shipping” method should be available.

This example is making use of the Best-Match destination filtering; because postcodes have been defined in the CSV an asterisk represents all undefined postcodes.

screenshot 000260


7. Only Ship to Specific Postal/Zip Codes

In the example if the postcodes between SS1 and SS9 have been entered into the cart/checkout then the delivery option of Store Pickup will be displayed. No other postcodes will receive rates.


8. Zip Code Max Length

In the example CSV file any postcodes starting with a number between 90000 and 95000 will match on Ground delivery because the maximum length has been set to 5.

Selection_550 Selection_551

9. Prevent Shipping to Specific Postcodes

In this example CSV file there are two methods for the UK but Jersey and Guernsey should not receive any methods at all. This is using UK postcode filtering.

Note that only one method needs to be excluded to prevent shipping to these postcodes due to the best-match filtering rules.

Premium - Restrict Postcodes

10. UK Postcode Areas

This downloadable CSV file contains postcodes for common UK areas – Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, Channel Islands, Scottish Highlands and Islands and Isles of Scilly.

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