Algorithm Column

The algorithm column allows you to specify advanced options around how your shipping rules will work.

Please refer to the examples linked from the switch column before using any of these in your rules.

To use multiple algorithms use an ampersand ‘&’ e.g. i=10&wc=1@0.5

The entries in the “switch” column in the table below are hyperlinks, which will take you to an example of the algorithm.

Switch Description Syntax
alt= Use alternative method when two or more items are in the cart. If there is no common delivery method between two items in the cart then use the delivery method specified in the alt= algorithm alt=Standard. To use multiple alt’s in one command line, use a comma delimited list E.g. alt=Standard,Ground,Worldwide
w= Weight based price increase. Adds the specified amount for every unit of weight above the “weight >” field W=<weight threshold> @ <price>to add $1.50 per 1lb use: W=1@1.5 surcharge for 0.5lb would be 0.5 * 1.5 = 0.75
wc= Weight rounded to the next highest full measurement. Adds the specified amount for every unit to the next rounded to the next whole number of weight above the “weight >” field WC=<weight threshold> @ <price>to add $1.50 per 1lb use: WC=1@1.5surcharge for 0.5lb would be 1 * 1.5 = 1.5
i= Unit based price increase. Used to specify an additional per item rate I=<price> Increase per unit added E.g. to add $5 for every item added use: I=5
im= Quantity based price increase. Adds the specified amount for every increment of quantity above the “QTY >” field Im=<item threshold> @ <price>to add $1.5 for every item use: im=1@1.5
%= Calculate shipping as a Percentage surcharge of the cart subtotal. To base the shipping rate on a percentage of the shopping cart subtotal. You are also able to set a minimum charge for the shipping with this mechanism %=percentage to charge E.g. to set the shipping cost to 10% of the cart subtotal you would type:%=10 To add a base amount on the percentage use the ‘+’ symbol E.g. %=10+20 means add 10% of shipping group cost + $20
override Override the shipping cost for the defined shipping method for the order if this rule is matched. OVERRIDE
a= Used for matching on residential/commercial addresses. Unless you have a specific requirement for this please ignore. Used in collaboration with the WebShopApps Residential Address extension. Will filter rates according to if customer selects residential or commercial address a=<address type> where address type can be either ‘residential’ or ‘commercial’ e.g. a=residential will only show as a rate if the address type of the customer is residential 
c= Store a unique shipping method code in the database. Unless you have a specific requirement for this please ignore. Used to store a unique shipping code in the database for use with order/delivery management solutions. Stored as field ’shipping_method’ in sales_order/sales_flat_order. You can also retrieve this value via the Magento API c=FDXGND
m= Set the maximum shipping price. This is used to set the maximum shipping price. Could be used if you have multiple sets of post codes and multiple shipping groups m=99.99
instock= Check if all items are in stock/out of stock. Unless you have a specific requirement for this please ignore. Unless you have a specific requirement for this please ignore. You could use this to offer express shipping if all items are in stock. Alternatively use it to offer delayed delivery if items are out of stock instock=true checks if all items are in stock, instock=false checks if there’s any item that is out of stock
SHOWALL Shows the method for all shipping groups even if not defined for that group. SHOWALL
setcart= Sets the shipping price for the whole cart when using any “Per Item” totalling algorithm. Ignores additional items. setcart=true
tracker= Allows you to specify a tracker number for a specific shipping method. Used in collaboration with the Generic Tracker. tracker=tracker1
error= With this you can set a custom error message that is displayed if rule is matched. Only works when price is set to -1. For example can say ‘error=”We don’t ship to Alaska” for state AK
coupon= Allows you to offer different shipping methods/prices when a promotional code is entered. coupon=coupon_code
vwc= For Product Matrix Volume only: increase the Shipping price based on Volumetric Weight. vwc=1@1.50
day= Show the delivery method on only the specified day of the week. 1 is Monday, 7 is Sunday. day=1,2,3,4,5
cutoff= Show the delivery method until the specified time in 24hr format. cutoff=13:00
start= Show the delivery method from the specified time in 24hr format. This is the opposite to cutoff start=14:00
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