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This section looks at examples covering the various shipping options in  Configuration->Shipping Methods->ProductMatrix.

1. Appending rates onto a base set of Shipping Rates for particular products

There are some circumstances where you will want to define a base set of rates for all products then add on some additional rates when specific products are in the cart.  The ProductMatrix extension fully supports this.

Lets say we have a shipping group OVERSIZE, and when products in this group are in the cart $50 is added to the order. The base prices are Ground, Next Day.

We can do this by setting ‘Append * rates’ in the Advanced Options in the ProductMatrix Shipping Method configuration.  Then an example configuration would look like below:

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 3.10.59 PM

Here if standard items are in the cart it would charge $10 and $20 respectively. If an OVERSIZE product is in the cart it will charge $60 and $70 respectively.  This is using ‘per package’, cumulative totalling.


2. Custom Sorting

By default Magento sorts the shipping by the price of the shipping method, the cheapest showing first, most expensive last.

The extension can override this by using the ‘Notes’ column of the CSV as a “Sort Order” column instead allowing you to adjust the order to suit your needs, 1 being the highest priority.

Be sure to enable “Custom Sorting” in the options box in the admin settings for ProductMatrix
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