Filtering Based on Customer Groups

Unless you have a requirement to control rates for different customer groups (e.g. retail, general), then you will not need this feature. Set to the default “*” in csv file.

Shipping rates can be specified based on the customer group they apply to. For example:

  • Charge $10 to Wholesale Customers for shipping
  • Charge $20 to Retail Customers for shipping

This can be done by having 2 lines in the csv with the customer group set to Wholesale, Retail respectively.

The customer group names are taken directly from the Customer Groups defined in Magento, and are case sensitive.

Customer group * means all customer groups.

Multiple customer groups can be specified on one csv row in Product Matrix and Shipping Override , e.g. “Retailer,NOT LOGGED IN,General”

Note that comma-separating customer groups is not possible in Shipping Calendar.


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