Free Shipping for a Group When in the Cart With Other Groups


There are three shipping groups in total: Light, Bulky and items that are not assigned to a shipping group.

When products assigned to the “Light” or “Bulky” shipping groups are in the cart with products that are not assigned to a shipping group the shipping rates should add together. However, when “Light” products are in the cart together with “Bulky” products, the “Light” products should ship for free.


A shopping cart price rule will need to be configured for this.

First, the package_id attribute will need to be configured for use with shopping cart price rules. Go to Catalog > Attribute > Manage Attributes and edit the package_id attribute. In the “Properties” tab change “Use for Promo Rule Conditions” to “Yes” and save.

Now, in Promotions > Shopping Cart Price Rules create a new rule and fill in the rule information.

In the “Conditions” tab select “Attribute combination”. Within that rule select “Shipping Group” under the “Product Attribute” sub-heading. State that the Shipping Group is “Bulky”. This denotes that there must be a product from the “Bulky” shipping group in the cart for the shopping cart price rule to take effect.

Free shipping for group - conditions

In the “Actions” tab set “Free Shipping” to “For Matching Items Only”.

In the conditions section of the “Actions” tab select “Shipping Group” under the “Product Attribute” sub-heading and state that the shipping group is “Light”. This denotes that free shipping should be applied to only products assigned to the “Light” shipping group.

Free shipping for group - actions

Don’t forget to set one or more free methods as per the free shipping promotion guide.

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