Residential Selector Specific Troubleshooting

Live Carrier Logs

One of the first things to check if you suspect that the carrier is returning rates for the wrong address type is to analyse the carrier logs. First, the carrier log files will need to be enabled.

To make things easier to read it’s best to delete any existing carrier logs


In the FedEx request the residential flag is found in the [Recipient] section:


If this is set to 1 then the address type is being sent to the carrier as residential. If it is set to 0 then it is commercial/business.


To enable Resdential Commercial Selector to work with UPS the “UPS Type” must be set to “UPS XML” as per our UPS Negotiated Rates in Magento blog post.

Two address type sections are sent to the carrier in the UPS logs , within the <shipper> tag:



If this is set to 01 the address type is residential. If it is set to 02 it is commercial/business.


Other Carriers

The extension is designed for use with UPS and FedEx only. Other carriers (including USPS) are not supported.

For Freight extensions please see the Freight support knowledgebase.

WebShopApps Logs

The logs can confirm that the drop-down field is working correctly. After enabling the logger and setting it to “debug”, the logs will return the address type selected:


An address type of “COM” is a commercial/business address and “RES” is residential.

Locale Files

If the rates are correct but the name is incorrect ensure that the locale file has not been altered. The live carrier names for US English are stored in app/locale/en_US/Mage_Usa.csv

The text in the left column is the original, non-translated name and the text in the right column is the translated version.

Other Extensions

Some other extensions, may treat FedEx Home Delivery and Ground in the same way, which may affect results. If there is another extension installed that has such a feature, try disabling it to see if the desired results are returned.

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