Installing Serial Keys


When you purchase a WebShopApps extension you usually get sent serial keys which are specific to the domains you have entered in the checkout.  If you are not sent serial keys you can ignore this section.

Serial keys are produced for licensing purposes, the extension will only work on the domains you have serial keys for.
By definition then if you have invalid serial keys the extension will not work. This will result in either no rates being returned, or no effect on existing functionality.

Entering Serial Key

  • Navigate to relevant area under System->Configuration where your extension is installed (usually Shipping Methods or Shipping Settings for our Shipping based extns)
  • Ensure domain url matches serial key name
  • Enter serial key for the domain
  • Save settings
  • Ensure no message appears and serial key field is replaced by stars (i.e. not empty)

You only need to enter the serial key on the top-level store.

Domains used for Serial Key

When you make an order with us, you are asked for your live and test domains. These are most commonly your actual domain names, e.g.,

Serial Key Issues

Please check:

  1. You have correctly spelled the domains
  2. The top url matches the serial key name
  3.  Most extensions require a serial key to be entered. Some are pre-populated, in which case you can ignore the rest of this section

If it is still failing its likely your SERVER_NAME is not set.

You can retrieve your servername by:

  1. Create a file servername.php and put following code within it:
    echo("Your Server Name is: ".$_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']);
  2. Upload script to your webserver and run e.g.
  3. Send WebShopApps Support servername details (along with order number, extension, etc)

Multiple Websites/Domains

If you are running multiple domains from one Magento installation, you only need a valid serial for the first site that you test. Once a serial key has been validated it will work on all domains on that Magento instance.

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