Shipping Calendar Configuration


Shipping Calendar is a Magento shipping extension which enables your customers to select a specific day for delivery. Shipping can be calculated based on:

  • Destination (Country, State, Zipcode, City).
  • Shipping Group (1 or more products can be in a group).
  • Customer Group.
  • Price of items.
  • Weight of Items.
  • Quantity of Items.
  • Day of Week.

The extension is based on ProductMatrix and therefore includes all of the most important features of ProductMatrix including the ability to have different shipping rules based on the products that are in the cart.

Deciding What You Want to Achieve

The most important part of configuring the extension is to decide what you actually want the extension to achieve. Bear in mind this extension is for specific/named day delivery only. It’s not suitable for a “Economy within 2-3 Day Delivery” Service for example. The delivery times must be set.

If you need to also offer a non guaranteed shipping method, you can add our popular ProductMatrix shipping extension alongside Shipping Calendar to offer shipping methods that aren’t tied to a calendar.

If you have a set of business requirements and are struggling to translate these into logical rules that can be implemented in an extension why not let us do help you at WebShopApps? We have extensive knowledge not just of our extensions but also of shipping and how it works. There aren’t many scenarios we haven’t seen.

We can provide ’starter’ csv files based on your requirements, together with comprehensive advise for your particular scenario and how best to implement to achieve the right shipping rates. We can do as little as a sample configuration right up to full install and setup.

Using this Knowledge Base

Shipping Calendar offers a wide range of configuration options and its very flexible. If you follow the below steps in sequence you shouldn’t encounter any issues.

Shipping Calendar will do all database edits for you as part of the installation, and add required attributes to the Magento installation.

Here are the steps to a successful Shipping Calendar installation. Once you have completed each section refer back here for the next step.



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