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If you have custom options on your products, perhaps you will want to alter the shipping cost or create an entirely different set of shipping rules when your customer selects one of these options. This is how to configure Shipping Calendar (Custom Rates) to do this.

Admin Panel

There are three options in your admin panel which you will need to look at to set up different shipping options for custom options. All are under system->configuration->shipping methods->WebShopApps Custom Shipping Calendar

Search for this custom option label – This is the custom option label/title you’re looking for. In the below screen shot this would be “Sample” which is highlighted. If you don’t enter a value in this text field then the extension will look for any custom option which has been selected.


Custom option shipping group append text – This is the text which the extension will append to the shipping group if the above custom option title is found to be set on a product. If you’ve not set “Search for this custom option label” above, then this will be appended if any custom option has been selected.

Options – You will need to set “Split shipping groups based on custom options” to enable the functionality.

CSV File

In your CSV file you will need to reference the “Custom option shipping group append text” you’ve set above. If you’ve not set this you will need to reference “-OPTIONS”. In this example lets assume you’ve entered “SAMPLE”.

Row 1 is for your products in the standard shipping group “Group”.

Row 2 is for products in the standard shipping group “Group” with a custom option matching “Search for this custom option label”.

Row 3 is for a product not in a shipping group but which has a custom option selected matching “Search for this custom option label”.


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