Totaling Algorithms

Per Package Totaling

This option will find each shipping group that is present in the shopping cart and find a shipping rate for each group. The rate from each group is then combined into a cumulative total and shown to the customer.

For example: You have a shipping group called “Standard” in which all items ship for $20 and another shipping group called “Large” in which all items ship for $50.

If you add 5 products from Standard into the cart the shipping cost will be $20. This is because all the products are in the Standard group. If you then add 2 items both in the Large group to the cart the shipping cost becomes $70 ($50 for large items + $20 for standard).

Highest Price Totaling

This totaling algorithm will look through the cart and find each shipping group and the cost for each shipping group. It will then find the shipping group with the highest shipping cost and use that cost for the entire shopping basket.

For example: Using the above example of large and standard groups, if you add a large item and a standard item the shipping cost would be just $50 as that’s the highest shipping cost.

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