Store Pickup Carrier Configuration

Under System->Configuration->Shipping Methods->WebShopApps Store Pickup you are able to configure the store wide settings of Store Pickup. It is important to enter a valid Google API key to calculate distances correctly and display location maps. Please use our guide for Google API Keys for further information.

Switch Description
Applicable Shipping Carrier/Method Select a carrier if you wish to charge shipping rates for in store pickup
Pickup Price Flat fee price charged for in store pickup as shipping method
Shipping Method Display
Shipping Method Custom Text
Google API Key A valid Google API Key is required to calculate closest stores and display location maps
Use Geolocation Use the customer geolocation to determine which are the closet store to them.
Unit of Measurement Unit of measurement used in calculations and displaying distances
Maximum Distance From Store to Offer Pickup Only stores within this distance will be offered as a pickup option
Maximum Number of Locations in Checkout Configure the maximum number of pickup locations offered to the customer
Display Map Select whether to display the location map at the checkout and in customer order emails
Date Format to Display Select either date format for front end display
Cut Off Time Cut off time for orders placed for pickup, before defaulting to next available pickup day
Blackout Pickup Days Days when pickup is not available (across all stores)
Blackout Pickup Dates Calendar dates when pickup is not available
Blackout Production Days Days when production is not available
Blackout Production Dates Calendar dates when production is not available
Customer Selects Pickup Date Allow pickup date selection at the checkout
Customer Selects Pickup Time Allow pickup time slot selection at the checkout
Lead Time (Days) Number of days required between date of order placed and first available pickup date
Minimum Lead Tme Units Choose from either Hours or Days
Maximum Number of Pickup Days Maximum number of pickup days offered in the future
Show Method if Not Applicable Show shipping method if pickup is not available
Displayed Error Message Error message text when method is not available
Sort Order Shipping method sort order
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