Invalid Credentials

You may see no rates being returned. If you are connecting via an API to retrieve shipping rates (e.g. via UPS, FedEx, USPS, Fastway) then you need to check the credentials are correct.

You should switch on the carrier logging if available, and/or the WebShopApps Logger to see what is being return from the API.

If you have invalid credentials you will see an error message like:

  1. Invalid XML Access Credentials
  2. Invalid username or password

Identifying Credential Issues

We have created a screencast which is used most frequently with our Freight Shipping extensions, and shows how to look at credential related issues.

Resolving Credentials Issues

You will need to get in contact with the respective courier to ensure that you have entered the correct username and password in the backend. WebShopApps are unable to assist when you have credential issues.

We recommend that you provide the courier with the username, password and any other details (if applicable) that you have been prompted to enter.

The API credentials will likely vary from your website login credentials.Also note that you may need to set the origin in Shipping Settings to the address that is registered to the account details.

In the case of Dropship, the warehouse details’ address supersedes the address in Shipping Settings->Origin.

Live/Test Credentials

If you have been provided with credentials from your carrier they should advise on whether they are “live” credentials or test/development credentials.

Often a carrier will send you development credentials when you initially sign up and “live” credentials when the account details have been configured/authorised.

When using development credentials there may be an additional toggle in the backend, such as “Sandbox” (FedEx), “Test Mode” (UPS Freight) or other similar. Check with your carrier if you are unsure. If there is not an option of this nature (eg: Echo Freight) then this does not apply.

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