Product Configuration

  • Open a product
  • Select Shipping menu



  1. Select the shipping group the product belongs to
  2. Enter shipping price for Zone 1, Zone 2 and rest of world
  3. Enter additional item value and indicate if this should be treated as a price or percentage
  4. Save

Handling Additional Items

This extension will handle the shipping price calculation as follows:

  1. For each shipping group present in the cart the shipping price will be totalled

  2. For all subsequent items from the shipping group in cart the add-on price/percentage of each of these products will be multiplied by qty and added to shipping price total.

If 5 books are in cart, with a shipping price of $10 for the first item, and $5 for the rest, the total price would be $10 + 4*$5.

Maximum Shipping Cost

Within this shipping method you can set an overall maximum shipping cost. If empty it will be ignored.

Split Products into Shipping Groups

  • Default is “no”. If in doubt use this.

Setting to “Yes” will apply the base shipping price to each product in cart if the product is not assigned to a shipping group. If set to no then will only apply the base shipping price to the highest price product in the cart which has no shipping group assigned.

For example; if there are 2 products with a base shipping of $10 and $3 respectively, and add-on as $2 flat. There are no shipping groups. You have 2 of each product in the cart.

With this switch set to “No” then the shipping will be $10+$3*$2. With it set to Yes it will be $10+$3+2*$2.

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